Ecuador and Germany – effective online collaboration

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effective WEBWORK GmbH is a German company with its headquarter in Hamburg. This customer was reaching out to the TeamQ because of a need of programming support with their educational platform Commsy. Several improvements needed to be implemented. Implementation was done with the Symfony framework and ElasticSearch and improvements were achieved in several parts of […]

TeamQ in education

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Because of the Covid-19 pandemia, educational institutions around the world are facing a challenging. Students and teachers were forced to stay home. Schools and colleges, they had to suddenly adapt to virtual education, applying video conferencing programs in most cases, and e-learning platforms in a smaller percentage. They accompanied these practices with other tools such […]

New management system for clients, invoices and reports

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TeamQ developed a system for the natural medicine office Giesen Spezialpraxis für Regelkreismedizin & Naturheilkunde from Germany. The system has three modules: customer, invoice and report management. The main objective was to digitize the administration of the enterprise through a full responsive Web system, which allows importing clients and invoices in a fast way and […]

Flutter is the new Black

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The world is spinning and everything is moving in giant steps, and if we talk about technology, let’s today about Flutter and how to develop mobile applications, so straight to the point. What is Flutter? It is a free and open-source framework created by Google and launched in May 2017, it allows you to create […]

Project work for effective WEBWORK from Germany on Elasticsearch

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effective WEBWORK, a German company from the city of Hamburg, has requested TeamQ to collaborate in the further development of the Open Source software Commsy. Currently the task is focused on the implementation of the latest version for its Elasticsearch search engine, in order to achieve a correct deployment of its databases. TeamQ implements and […]