Project work for effective WEBWORK from Germany on Elasticsearch

effective WEBWORK, a German company from the city of Hamburg, has requested TeamQ to collaborate in the further development of the Open Source software Commsy. Currently the task is focused on the implementation of the latest version for its Elasticsearch search engine, in order to achieve a correct deployment of its databases. TeamQ implements and tests this requirement.

Elasticsearch is the quintessential open source search engine. It is widely distributable and easily scalable. You can search and index document files in various formats.

When you use Google, you are using a search engine. Today Elasticsearch is the open source search engine that is closest to those used by Google and other search engines, which is why it leads at the business level.

TeamQ specializes more and more in this powerful tool. The Commsy e-learning platform, developed and provided by the German company effective WEBWORK, enables in a simple way communication and the exchange of data within working groups or learning communities, which is why a high number of documents such as PDFs, photos and more need to be registered. TeamQ updates the latest version of Elasticsearch on that platform to speed up the search for documents and data.