TeamQ and Social entrepreneurship

Like most of the businesses throughout the world, the TeamQ has also been affected by the crisis caused by Covid-19. Some of our projects have been frozen, what is affecting the financial sustainability of our team.

However, we decided to see this situation as an opportunity to find new partners, new projects and also go new ways.

We see that the crisis is affecting not only us. A lot of businesses and organizations are struggling and this is why we are offering our new social entrepreneurship initiative for:

  • Small businesses
  • Communities
  • Schools
  • NGOs and social organizations
  • Social entrepreneurs

TeamQ adjusts to your available budget! Talk to us about your projects, your dreams and your ideas. If it fits, we will help you with the technical implementation for an individual rate oriented on your economic possibilities.

Even though, we prefer to work with you in new projects, if your interest is just to support us, we invite you to check out our crowdfunding project:

Every form of support is welcome in this difficult months!